Who We Are

The Live Well Arizona partners are on a mission to connect, lift up and celebrate the great statewide work taking place to develop healthier, more livable communities in Arizona.


Live Well Arizona is designed as a mutually-beneficial collaborative that helps to align like-minded efforts. At its core, the effort starts with the notion that building individual and collective momentum can enable everyone involved to reach a higher level of success.

Goal #1 Identify

Identify, lift up and celebrate efforts to help Arizonans be healthier and live well.

Goal #2 Connect

Facilitate connections between groups and sectors.

Goal #3 Shift

Shift the health paradigm - health is more than health care

Goal #4 Influence

Influence policies and systems for change.

Be in the know

To learn more about the initiative and the elements of a healthy community, explore the website or download the pdf handout for more information.

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Year of Healthy Communities Event Submission

Add your event to the Year of Healthy Communities calendar.

If you have questions, please contact Emily Kepner ( or 602-774-3446).
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