Replay the November 9th Webinar. Each of our guests shared some of their signature projects and engaged with each other in a lively dialogue. Guests included:

  • Community Safety – John Dacey, Abolish Private Prisons
  • Community Design – Tiffany Halperin, The Urban Culture Design Project
  • Environmental Quality – Tara Briscoe, Arizona Sustainability Alliance
  • Parks and Recreation – Kenneth Steel, Maricopa County Department of Public Health

Replay the webinar below (Please note, there are audio cutouts at the beginning that are temporary, and this is the November 9 webinar – even though the announcer and slide say September 12):



September 12 explored what’s happening in Arizona, focusing on four elements of a healthy community. The hour was filled with the projects, dialogue and insights produced by four experts: one each from the areas of Community Design, Community Safety, Environmental Quality and Parks and Recreation.

  • Community Design – Leslie Dornfeld, Plan-et Consulting
  • Community Safety – Dagoberto Bailon, Trans Queer Pueblo
  • Environmental Quality – Maggie Messerschmidt, The Nature Conservancy
  • Parks and Recreation – Dale Larson, Arizona State University

Replay the webinar below:



On July 20th, we were joined by local leaders and experts to discuss key projects happening around the state.  This webinar features guests representing Economic Opportunity, Educational Opportunity, Social and Cultural Cohesion and Social Justice.

  • Educational Opportunity – Nora Hannah, Center for the Future of Arizona
  • Economic Opportunity – Monica Villalobos, Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • Social and Cultural Cohesion – Mary Stephens, ASU Performance in the Borderlands
  • Social Justice – Kevin Patterson, Equality Arizona

Watch the recording below:



Replay the third edition in the Year of Healthy Communities Webinar series. In this webinar, the guests and the conversation shifted to a new set of Elements of a Healthy Community sectors, specifically:

  • Educational Opportunity – Janice Palmer, Helios Education Foundation
  • Economic Opportunity – Connor Descheemaker, Local First Arizona
  • Social and Cultural Cohesion – Emily Jenkins, Arizona Council of Human Service Providers
  • Social Justice – Michael Soto, Equality Arizona

Watch the recording below:


Replay the March 14 Webinar

Replay the March 14 webinar, for a deeper dive into Access to Care, Affordable Quality Housing, Food Access, and Transportation Options.  Learn more about projects from across the state, including community paramedicine initiatives, health impact assessments and housing developments, complete streets, and food systems.

  • Access to Care – Matt Eckhoff, Rio Rico Fire & Medical District
  • Affordable Quality Housing – Zach Johnson, Gorman & Company, Inc.
  • Quality Affordable Food – Kate Radosevic, Local First Arizona
  • Transportation Options – Mark Melnychenko, City of Phoenix Street Transportation Department

Watch the replay below:

Replay our January 26 Kickoff Webinar

Get to know the “Elements of a Health Community” wheel through the eyes and ears of front-line practitioners. This one-hour roundtable provides a brief overview of the year, takes a trip around the entire wheel, and engages guest speakers as we focus on four particular elements:

  • Access to Care – Marcus Johnson, Vitalyst Health Foundation
  • Affordable Quality Housing – Dede Yazzie-Devine, Native American Connections
  • Quality Affordable Food – Michael McDonald, Community Foodbank of Southern Arizona
  • Transportation Options – Emily Yetman, Living Streets Alliance

Watch the conversation below:

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